In early 2018, Daymar College defaulted on their lease with the Landlord of 119 Fairfield Avenue, in Bellevue KY when they began to refuse making payments for rent, common area maintenance, and their electric/HVAC bill.


Daymar was promptly put on notice of default however they continued to refuse to make payments while continuing to occupy the space.


Within the timeframe of a day, Daymar abandoned the location while leaving desks, file cabinets (with sensitive student information files still in them, social security numbers, names, address, and financial information), medical equipment, including syringes with needles, garbage, wiring, and computers. A lawsuit has been filed against Daymar College and its parent companies in Kentucky Courts. Daymar hired a bankruptcy attorney to respond to the lawsuit.



Daymar is in the process of attempting to sell assets to Hussian College.

Current Active Cases Against Daymar College in Campbell County Courts
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